hi i'm tiny.

"A friend whose presence comes as naturally as breathing, can never be replaced…." - Full Metal Alchemist (via my-blessed-leftnut)



this is a parody of blurred lines made by a group of law students in new zealand. the original video was pulled off of youtube (which had reached over 300,000 views) because it was flagged as inappropriate.


"But then she looks at you, and in you there is sun, there is love, there is life." - Federico Fellini (via philo-sofia)

let’s go #DoAC

graduation gift from my seesterr came in! 🕚

will never stop loving @vans I will be 80 years old rocking them:) #newpair #vans

happy birthday babe, at least you ignoring me for the new gift I got you lol.

made my mom Thai chicken lettuce cups for her birthday! they were delish!!!

conveyor belt sushi with dad! 🍣

cake cake cake

graduation lean. photo cred: my cousin

roomie for two years love you em!

found my gurl arianna ! :D

had to write my name out so it would be properly annunciated #thestruggle

oh how I love you jersey.