hi i'm tiny.


Done by Phat Joe’s in Miami Florida in his own shop. This is my first tattoo and I am honestly very pleased with it. I might expand this into a video-game themed sleeve in the future. I wanted something simple to represent my nerd personality and passion for gaming. So I thought of a retro pixelated heart as the core of that. Joe is amazing and I will definitely go back again when I decide to expand on it.



typography by Jay Roeder :: via jayroeder.com


my second tattoo. my favourite childhood game was pokemon and my favourite pokemon is charmander and i love 8-bit so i decided to get it done on the side of my leg.
done by the super talented norbert halasz


Space Invader Iphone Wallpaper

Made this - a gift to the interwebs, haha :) it’s all yours. 


by Dead Fox.

Thinking with Portals? Game Boy mod for awesome chip music!